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Claudio A. Parada Nunes – CAPN
Architectural Photographer

Claudio’s passion for architecture and spaces began from early age, when his parents introduced him to the building blocks of life: LEGO! Intrigued by the endless possibilities, he would spend hours thinking of ways how to improve his mini Lego city. Then in 2005, he finally had the guts to apply for a masters in Architecture at Lisbon’s Faculty of Architecture. As the years when by, he found himself more and more trapped behind a screen, drafting and designing buildings until his eyes would pop out of his head.
Then one day, his world changed! He was introduced to the next level of architecture, where shapes and shadows were captured through a set of various lenses. Since 2016 onwards, he decided to dedicate himself to a career in architectural photography, and since then life has been a fulfilling game.

“Given the fact that I have studied architecture, I find myself in a favourable position to better understand the building and the concept that the architect created. Exploring a building is like going into the architect’s mind; you imagine how a specific place would look like with a given light, so you wait for that moment and contemplate it”. • CAPN