Photographing the stories of buildings and spaces.


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Drone Photography

Have a look at your project from a different perspective.

With drone photography blue prints come to life like never before. Allow yourself to see the project from every possible angle, capturing images beyond your imagination.

NOTE: The use of drones can be prohibited in certain areas. Please contact me for more details about this service.

Interiors and Exteriors

Exploring both the exterior and interior of a given building is, many times, what makes a photo shoot successful.

By complementing these two spaces through photography, it is possible to have a better understanding of the whole.

Advanced masking techniques are used to bring the best out from all the spaces, while seeking to create the best mood possible that invites everyone in.

Contact Sheets

Contact sheets are a key element between photographer and client.

A set of all the images taken during the photoshoot is sent using PicDrop online services.
Clients can look in detail at all the images, add comments, ratings and select the ones they would like to have as final product. All at the distance of a few clicks and entirely done online!

Free Media Publication

Online and printing publications are key for a greater visibility of any kind of project.

After having the consent of the client that a given project is suitable for publication, the photographer gets in contact hundreds of different sources to have the project visible to the World.