Claudio A. Parada Nunes



Bold. Original. Creative.

Claudio Parada Nunes is a former architect turned architectural photographer from Lisbon, Portugal, who uses cinemagraphs to create visual stories of buildings and spaces.

During his career as an architect, Claudio had the opportunity to work in a multitude of different companies across Europe. From large-scale healthcare projects with tight deliverables to summer school workshops with the craziest ideas.

Since 2017 he decided to fully dedicate his career to architectural photography. Thus combining his knowledge and unique perspective of spaces, with his lifelong obsession with light and shadows.

Genuinely curious. Thoughtful listener. Claudio engages deeply in each photography project to provide the best visual portfolio to all of his clients.

“Given the fact that I have studied architecture, I find myself in a favorable position to better understand the building and the concept that the architect created. Exploring a building is like going into the architect’s mind. You imagine how a specific place would look like with a given light, so you wait for that moment and contemplate it”.