Stass arkitektar

Foreword by Stass architects.

This tiny house is situated in a black sand desert in Iceland, half way between the glaciers Mýrdalsjökul and Vatnajökull. This simple service house serves travellers with lavatories, a washing machine, dryer and a bike stand for repairs. These are standard facilities in such a building. However, what make this unit different from similar ones, is that this otherwise straight forward program is intertwined with another unrelated program. A view point is situated on the roof of the building, giving travellers a unique opportunity to tower over the ground. Thus, giving a different perspective to the stunning 360°surrounding views.
This program overlapping makes this a unique project in its own right.


Laufskálavarða – IS


  • Iceland, Northern Europe, South Coast, Wood, Wooden, Infrastructure, Metal, Grid, Green, Rocks, Sand, Moss, Grass, Toilet, WC, Storage, Bike