Nova – SBE

Arch. António Barreiros Ferreira & Vítor Carvalho Araújo

The new facility of Nova – School of Business and Economics (SBE), isn’t your regular 9-5 university building where students and teachers gather daily. It is rather the new hub where students can almost entirely live.

Situated in the privileged beach area of Carcavelos, just 25min West drive of Lisbon, the Nova SBE Campus is a gem when it comes to educational facilities.
The different buildings and public spaces that enclose this area were designed as opened spaces, allowing the free circulation of people whether indoors or outdoors.

As expected, the facility is a buzzing hub of national and international students and teachers. Together with its prime location off the coastline of Cascais, the Nova SBE university is truly a new architectural landmark.


Carcavelos – PT


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