Ægisíða 44

Trípólí Architects

Ægisíða 44 is a modern architecture residential extension in Reykjavik, Iceland.

Located in the quiet residential neighbourhood of Vesturbær, this 255m2 serves the main house with extra bedrooms, toilets and storage.
By working with different levels and heights, the architects created a seamless extension that blends perfectly with the existing building. Aluminium panels, wooden frames and concrete walls. Black, white and brown. Green roofs, pebbles and corrugate metal plates. All these elements combined create a unique and beautiful project which is a joy to live in.

The moody interior however, was left in the hands of the experienced interior designer Rut Káradóttir.
This peaceful and pleasant combination of materials, textures and colours give a unique character to this project. Making it a perfect home for a quiet living, or a great place to invite over friends and family.


Reykjavik – IS


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