Teiknistofan Tröð

The Hjálpræðisherinn building (Icelandic for The Salvation Army), is a modern architecture project located on the outskirts of Reykjavík, Iceland.

With its sharp pointy edges, large red panels and heavy concrete walls, this religious project is like anything else around. A carefully designed christian cross shapes the façade, while flooding the interior with an abundance of colourful light that passes through its windows.

Teiknistofan Tröð was the architectural studio in charge of the design. Its long years of experience have allowed them to bring radical ideas to life. The Salvation Army is one of their best examples of how modern architecture can easily apply to religious purposes.


Reykjavik – IS


  • Iceland, Northern Europe, Modern, Architecture, Religious, Concrete, Red, Glass, Wood, Kindergarten, Church, Spiritual, Temple, Aid