Andrúm architects and Davíð Kristján Pitt

The Gróska building in Reykjavik, Iceland is a business growth centre attained at the creative community of the country and foreigners alike.

Designed in a partnership between Andrúm architects and Davíð Kristján Pitt, the building clearly sets the tone of how modern architecture is being shaped in Iceland.
Large glass windows break the barrier between interior and exterior, and invite everyone who passes by to get inside and enjoy the spaces. The rawness of materials chosen create a perfect blend with the Icelandic landscape. Wood cladding on the outside, counterbalanced with large concrete structures and a green wall in the main entrance lobby. All these elements enhance the user experience by bringing comfort and pleasure while still at work.


Reykjavik – IS


  • Iceland, Reykjavik, Business, Centre, Creative, Hub, Wood, Concrete, Glass, Film, Analogue, Kodak, Portra 400, 35mm